Manage Adverse Drug Reactions with Authority!

Managing adverse drug reactions requires comprehensive, concise and clinically-useful information. Martindale’s ADR Checker is a new tool available exclusively on MedicinesComplete allowing you to manage adverse drug reactions with authority.

Designed with healthcare professionals in mind, the easy to use ADR Checker saves you time when making clinical decisions and improves your patient outcomes.

Martindale's ADR Checker is 

the authoritative source in managing adverse drug reactions

Search by drugs, drug groups, ADRs, body system, or a combination to answer your query


Trusted information, 

brought to you exclusively on


Discover over 100 full ADR profiles providing detailed information


What you get:

  • Powerful search: search by drugs, drug groups, ADRs, body system, or a combination to answer your query.
  • Concise advice: clear information thanks to snapshot management advice to enable clinical decision making at the point of care.
  • In-depth knowledge: links to full ADR Profiles with more comprehensive information on the mechanism, causes, management and prevention of frequently reported ADRs.
  • Trusted information: exclusively on the MedicinesComplete platform.

One-stop experience

Access Martindale's ADR Checker from the main dashboard of MedicinesComplete.



All in one place

The comprehensive and powerful search functionality allows you to quickly compare drugs, with filters and sorting options alongside a severity flag system.

Search by drug, drug group, ADR or body system.



Crucial information

The ADR checker returns snapshot management advice with the essential details and actions, from simple cautions and information to withdrawing the drug or reducing the dosage.



Research in-depth

Easily click through from the management advice to brand new ADR profiles in Martindale for more in-depth research, all evidence graded and fully referenced to give you the utmost confidence.



Martindale: The Complete Drug Reference

Martindale's ADR Checker is the perfect tool for pharmacists, academics and healthcare professionals in general.

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