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Community Pharmacists

As a community pharmacist, we know you strive to provide safe and effective patient care.

In response to your many requests, we are pleased to support community pharmacists with up to 10 sites, with a special rate subscription* to essential resources online through MedicinesComplete.

Easy-to-use trusted resources and tools include: British National Formulary and BNF for Children, Stockley's Interactions Checker and Stockley's Drug Interactions, plus Martindale: The Complete Drug Reference and Martindale's ADR Checker.

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Billed annually







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Prices on application

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MedicinesComplete makes it easy for healthcare professionals to access essential 

medicines information at the point of care. Providing trusted evidence-based knowledge for 

confident decision-making and effective patient care.

Our special rate for community pharmacists includes access to:

Essential information and tools to help 

you make the right decision

Martindale’s ADR Checker

A trusted and essential tool to support decision making and manage patients with adverse reactions. Including full ADR profiles, and comprehensive evidence graded and fully referenced medicines information.

Stockley’s Interactions Checker

The definitive interactions checking tool, providing quick and easy access to interactions between drugs, foods and more. Safely manage the selection of drugs and quickly get to the information you need with severity, description and management guidance.  

Stockley’s Drug Interactions

The most indispensable source of drug interaction information available. It provides expertly authored advice on managing drug interactions, and will quickly and reliably help you decide your best course of action.

Martindale: The Complete Drug Reference

Unrivalled in its field, Martindale provides practical, evidence-based, global guidance, allowing you to quickly understand the characteristics of drugs and other pharmaceutical substances and 

their clinical uses.

British National Formulary

The first choice for concise medicines information. Trusted by healthcare professionals in the UK and across the world to support confident decision-making at the point of care.

BNF for Children

 The British National Formulary for Children

is the unrivalled guidance on prescribing, dispensing and administering medicines to children.

Increased ability to make decisions at the point of care

Support your pharmacy team with access to evidence-based information

Discern what is clinically relevant and what the effects 

will be

Provide your patients with safe and effective care

Patient Management Case Study

Martindale's ADR Checker


Identify, prevent and manage adverse drug reactions across the entire patient journey.

What community pharmacists say about us

Jonathan Burton

Community Pharmacist, Right Medicine Pharmacy 

Vice-Chair of the Royal Pharmaceutical Society's Scottish Pharmacy Board

"I've always found having access to MedicinesComplete in the pharmacy extremely useful, both for helping patients face-to-face and also for advising GPs and other health professionals over the phone when queries arise. The level of detail about drug interactions that Stockley's Interaction Checker provides, really gives you the ability to have a proper conversation with prescribers about what the options are clinically, reinforcing your position as an expert in medicines, rather than just flagging a concern."

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