Pediatric Injectable Drugs is the essential, evidence-based source of information on dosing and administering of injectable drugs for children

It provides key, practical recommendations on commonly used drugs in neonates and children.

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Practical recommendations: Information on dosing, administering and warnings for drugs used in paediatric patients

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Long-standing reliability: Also known as the Teddy Bear Book, healthcare professionals treating paediatric patients have relied on this resource for injectable drug recommendations for nearly 30 years

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Easy retrieval of information: Searchable content, standardised headers, list of abbreviations and index of generic and brand drug names help retrieve information quickly and effectively

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Evidence-based: Extensively referenced drug monographs include brand names, safety information, infusion related cautions, age-specific dosing, dose adjustments in organ dysfunction, additives, suitable diluents, and preparation and delivery

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16 Nov
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Pediatric Injectable Drugs launched on MedicinesComplete

Pediatric Injectable Drugs now available online

This resource is a must for all those who work with children. For nearly three decades, pharmacists treating newborns through adolescents have relied on the print format (the Teddy Bear Book), for evidence-based IV drug recommendations. Now available online via MedicinesComplete, this invaluable resource will help improve medication use and delivery in children.