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Publication Updates

08 Nov
Stockleys Drug Interactions_logo
Stockley’s Drug Interactions November 2022 Update

Stockley’s Drug Interactions update with new and revised monographs.

For this update, we have updated the contraceptives monographs in light of the latest update to the UK Faculty of Sexual and Reproductive Healthcare’s clinical guidance on drug interactions with hormonal contraception, and we have added new drugs, including COVID-19 vaccines and sotagliflozin. In addition, the tyrosine kinase inhibitor monographs have been extensively reorganised. There are 137 new monographs and 208 revised monographs in this update.

08 Nov
Palliative Care Formulary November 2022 Update.

This update contains 1 revised monograph.

The following monograph has been fully revised: Antibacterials in palliative care.

08 Nov
AHFS Drug Information logo
AHFS November 2022 Update

This update contains 7 new monographs and 25 revised monographs.

New monographs: DaxibotulinumtoxinA-lanm; Deucravacitinib; Dextromethorphan and Bupropion; Olipudase Alfa-rpcp; Oteseconazole; Spesolimab-sbzo (Topical); Terlipressin

Revised monographs: Abatacept; ALPRAZolam; Benzodiazepines General Statement; chlordiazePOXIDE; cloBAZam; clonazePAM; Clorazepate; COVID-19 Vaccine (Moderna); COVID-19 Vaccine (Pfizer-BioNTech); Crizotinib; diazePAM; Erlotinib; Estazolam; Flurazepam; Glecaprevir and Pibrentasvir; LORazepam; Maralixibat; Midazolam; Neratinib; Oxazepam; Panobinostat; Quazepam; Siponimod; Temazepam; Triazolam

08 Nov
Stockley's Interactions Checker_logo
Stockley’s Interactions Checker November 2022 Update

New and updated interactions now available

For November, 172 new interactions have been added, and 1554 existing interactions have been updated.

08 Nov
Drug Monitoring Checker November 2022 Update

This update contains 4 new monographs, and 3 minor updates.

New monographs: Insulin; Gliclazide; Metformin hydrochloride; Tolbutamide

Minor updates: Cimetidine; Famotidine; Nizatidine

08 Nov
British National Formulary logo
British National Formulary November 2022 Update

This update contains 5 significant changes, 1 dose change, 4 new monographs and 6 new preparations.

Significant Changes:
• COVID-19 vaccines: updated guidance for immunisation.
• Methylphenidate hydrochloride long-acting (modified-release) preparations: caution if switching between products due to differences in formulations [MHRA/CHM advice].
• Multiple sclerosis: updated guidance on management.
• Nebulised asthma rescue therapy in children: home use of nebulisers in paediatric asthma should be initiated and managed only by specialists [MHRA/CHM advice] (advice in ipratropium bromide, salbutamol, terbutaline sulfate; see example in ipratropium bromide).
• Rucaparib (Rubraca®): withdrawal of third-line treatment indication [MHRA/CHM advice].

Dose Changes:
• Buprenorphine [update to indications and dose for transdermal patches].

New Monographs:
Sibnayal® [potassium citrate with potassium bicarbonate].
Tavneos® [avacopan].
Vydura® [rimegepant].
Vyepti® [eptinezumab].

New Preparations: Aloflute®, Avenor®, Seffalair Spiromax®, Sereflo Ciphaler®, Stalpex® [fluticasone with salmeterol]; Nuvaxovid® [COVID-19 vaccine].

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